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Hello from Kelly and Jo


We are freelance fashions stylists and marketeers, and You, Me and the Dream is our new business. It's the result of our dreams becoming vivid reality.


You, Me and the Dream is a collection of products we both love and find inspiring. We think they help create the 'dream life' that everyone is constantly seeking.

We know that less is more, but we still still want to surround ourselves with simple but gorgeous things that make our lives easier and more beautiful.


Between us we have seven children, four dogs, three horses, a clutch of chickens and husbands who own and run their own businesses, so we really understand how hard it is to 'live that dream'. But we hope we can have some fun trying to get there, and make other people smile along the way too.


Don't tell people your dreams: show them


Kelly & Jo xxxx


Our Story

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